Christmas Favorites!

1 My favorite Christmas song is 12 Pains of Christmas by Bob Rivers. You can listen to it here: link

2 My favorite Chistmas treat is probably my grandma’s homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

The BEST Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

3 My favorite holiday movie has to be Home Alone. I love the quote “I’m gonna kill him!” And this scene as well: link

4 Each year I enjoy finding my elves on the shelf/hiding them for my siblings because they just love finding them.

5 One thing I hope to get this year is a VR, since all of my friends have one and I want to be able to play with them too. Here’s a link to a VR on amazon.

6 One thing I can do for somebody else is to help around the house and be nice to my siblings. Especially since my mom got back surgery, and she can’t clean as much since her back still hurts and she needs to rest.


50 Hilarious Christmas Memes | Bored Panda

8 One thing I am giving my friend is this axolotl key chain, since we both have an inside joke about axolotls.

1 Inch Clear Acrylic Axolotl Keychain / Cell Phone Charm | Etsy

9 One cool fact about Christmas is Christmas wasn’t always on December 25th.

10 My best Christmas memory is when we were at my cabin, and we played lots of fun card games and just had a great time as a family in general.

Friday Funnies!

It’s always a good time to see some funny memes or videos and get out a good laugh.

This Studio C video got all of my family laughing! They’re very talented actors

The thing that makes it funny is that it’s very true!

This next video made me and my cousins laugh as well!

This video is also very hilarious because the ‘kids’ are terrified

This meme has also made me and my friends laugh, memes are the best.






It’s very relatable since whenever anyone sneezed or coughed, everyone would turn around and stare at you.

One last funny video is this, although its starting to become less funny over time.

Thanks for reading!

My Dream Bedroom

I think it would be super cool to design my own bedroom because I could pick what I would want in it. I would also be able to pick what size it is and wouldn’t have a budget.

  1. My first must have would be to have lots of room in my bedroom. I want this so I could have plenty of space to hang out. Then I could also have a space to do homework.


2. My second must have would be to have a gaming area and a gaming computer. I would want this because then I don’t have to play in the noisy loft of my house.


3. My third must have would be to have some sort of water feature in my bedroom. I would want this because it would look cool. The sound of a waterfall is also very calming to listen to.









What I Think About Middle School

The Pros of Middle School:

  1. Different periods for each class
  2. Gets out at 2:30
  3. We get 2 electives per term








In summary, for middle school we get to change classes and teachers each hour, we get out at 2:30, and we get to chose 4 (in total) of our classes for the school year.


The Cons of Middle School:

  1. Starts early at 7:30
  2. You start to get judged more
  3. You may miss out on things because of homework






In summary, we have to wake up really early which means less sleep, we often get judged by others and can’t express our true selves, and we can miss out on things if we don’t finish our homework in time.

Favorite Fictional Character

My favorite fictional character would be Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. I think she’s great because she puts her name in the drawing more times to provide grains and food for her family, and she also hunts (which is illegal) to provide for them and keep them all alive. She’s also a strong female character, which we need more of in books and movies.

My Name!



































I love my name quite a lot actually! I got my name because my mom’s best friend, who passed away in a car crash before I was born, had the middle name Kensie, so my mom decided to name me that. It means a lot to me and my mom, since it was her friend, and I’m honored to be named after her.

Personality Quiz!

Quiz #1: I chose the quiz,

“Find out which animal matches your personality based on your daily munchies!”






As you can see, I got a fruit bat!

For Quiz #2: I chose the quiz,








As you can tell, for this one I got hermit crab!

For my last Quiz: I chose,

“Design a house and find out which rainforest animal you are!”








After taking the third quiz, I got a spider monkey!

Overall, I think that these quizzes are pretty accurate, and I would recommend taking a few!

Click here for the website link!

Travel Post: Deer Creek

We recently, last Sunday went to a lake called Deer Creek. My mom’s soccer friend had just bought a boat, and so we got to go boating.






After we got the boat up and running, we all hoped on and put on our life jackets. We had the younger kids go water skiing with a trainer floaty. They really enjoyed that, and then we got the wake board out. My mom’s friend is super good at it, and was able to do a 180, jumps, and went super fast. My mom and dad also did it, which they aren’t super good, but are good as well. After that, I decided to try it, and ended up not being able to get up as my arms aren’t strong enough, so instead I knee boarded. After that, we got my favorite thing of all time, the tube out.






Me, my mom’s friend’s son, and my little sister ended up going super fast with plenty of bumps for air time. Overall, this vacation even if only for a day, was super fun. I would definitely go again, and tube for sure.